Di Mace

Story-based brand copywriter

Who am I?

I love working with wholehearted brands that dream deep, but tread lightly.

About Me

About Me

I’m a story-based brand copywriter, strategist and purpose-digger who turns meaningless brand messages into heartfelt content centred on culture, customers and...

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What I Do

What I Do

WORD SWORDS is my bespoke story-based copywriting, content creation and message making service.   It specialises in working with businesses, marketers and brands...

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I’d love to hear from you -I’m based in Sydney, Australia   But no matter where you’re located, I can help you with your brand story and...

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Things people have said...

“Di is a powerful writer who helped KENNARDS articulate its brand story and brand culture in a single tone-of-voice. She helped us bring to life our values with powerful story telling. The effect has been tremendous across the organisation, with our people now being connected with our brand, and our values.
A highly professional writer she has been great to work with and has made the marketing teams’ job simple in creating great content for us to use across our marketing channels.”
~ Manelle Merhi – Head of Marketing, Kennards Hire
Past projects: Managing editor & journalist for quarterly internal culture magazine, award-winning submissions/proposal writer, blog post writer, copy editor, proofreader
“Di was an absolute delight to work with. Fast, efficient, on brief and delivered everything promised ahead of time. Both friendly and professional I would have no reservations recommending Di to any business needing SEO rich, compelling content for either B2B or B2C purposes.
The content has been used extensively by our sales and partnerships team to identify and develop leads, provide opportunities to start conversations and as a cornerstone of our maturing LinkedIn business identity.”
~ Lauren Ashton – PR & Content Manager, RedBalloon
Past Projects: Suite of B2B online articles
“After reading the first few sentences of this website, I knew that Di was the person I needed to take my tech start-up to the next level, and I worked with her before we launched. My start-up offers a new product and a different way of working. I was looking for someone to not only write content for my brand but to create content that really connects with our potential customers. And more importantly, it was content that we needed to be able to reuse across different comms.
The results were nothing short of jaw-dropping.
In our first 7 days of launch in early July, we signed on almost 2000 new customers, using only one image and the words she so effortlessly put together in our social media campaigns — a testament to her undeniable talent. Imagine that: just a couple of sentences can deliver such big results. Amazing.
To add to this her writing caught the attention of two founders of very successful start-ups, who I personally know. They’ll be working with her in future projects as their start-ups grow.
Di doesn’t just write words, she wields them. She understands that the right words written in the right way can inspire, change minds, engage and captivate people. And above all her writing truly does “create experiences with your brand, told through meaningful stories that leave a mark” as her website says. Di’s work goes beyond content. She gets you to really think about your brand, which in turn makes you delve deeply into what you’re about, your values, the problems you’re trying to solve and your mission.
I’m also a technical writer by trade. But given all my technical and documentation skills I must humbly admit that I envy the talent she possesses.
As a Founder I couldn’t be happier with her work. She gets it. She responds quickly to emails. And she delivers on time and within budget. Pricey? Not to me. Worth it? Totally.
To this day we still continue to work with her on building our brand, telling our story in a unique way, one word at a time.”
~ Aiver Ilaya – Founder, Doctrail
Past Projects: Web copywriting, social media update copy, editing
“Di is on top of her game and she will get you on top of your game. Her integrity and professionalism is about the best I’ve ever seen. She has “levelled up” our marketing copy and branding (and it sometimes seemed she could read my mind).
If you’re on the fence about working with her, let her do a small sample for you. I think you’ll find she really cares, she’s fun to work with and she’ll do more than produce great copy for you, she’ll “pull stuff out of the woodwork” and get you to think deeply about the subtleties of how you can best communicate with your audience and your clientele.”
~ JP Allen – Founder, Harmonica.com & BassBuzz.com
Past projects: Long form sales page copy writing
“Di is an extremely talented marketer and copywriter. I have worked closely alongside her for more than five years now in a variety of contexts and am always impressed by her understanding of what makes specific demographics tick, and her prowess with words. Her additional experience with producing content for web also makes her exceptionally valuable for online projects. She has an exceptional understanding of writing for web audiences whilst applying SEO principles.
Her background in *real* marketing and copywriting means that unlike most web “copywriters” her work is full of substance and tailored for your audience, rather than fluffy ‘tricks’ that rarely add true value.
I would recommend her in a heartbeat to give your product or brand that extraordinary “something” required to stick out and grab your customers’ attention even in the most saturated markets. Genius!”
Adam Benson – Director – Arcanum Logic
Past projects: Branding consultation, tagline, web copywriting, copy editing,

What are my strengths?

I work with brands who want to develop content and brand storylines hand-in-hand with their customers, to build and leave a meaningful legacy.

Brand Journalist

Brand Journalist

  • Journalist 50%
  • Marketer 50%
Story-based Copywriter

Story-based Copywriter

  • Copywriter 50%
  • Storyteller 50%
Brand Story Writer

Brand Story Writer

  • Strategist 50%
  • Writer 50%