About Me

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I'm a story-based brand copywriter, strategist and purpose-digger who turns meaningless brand messages into heartfelt content centred on culture, customers and core values.


I love working with wholehearted brands that dream deep, but tread lightly.


Who are they? Brands who have deep-seated values, that embrace the story of what made them and who embed meaning into their plans, hire me to help them change their messaging, both inside and outside their silos.

What's my story?

Having spent 20 years working and writing within the corporate walls of big-brand B2B and B2C businesses, I reinvented myself three-times – as a small business owner, fitness and yoga teacher and then marketing consultant – before going back to my roots, to become an award-winning brand copywriter.

In 2008 I established myself as a freelance writer and (typical of me) jumped into my first contract as the Editor of a national magazine for fitness professionals, with no formal publishing experience.  After successfully restructuring, redesigning and re-positioning the magazine and establishing its digital website/platform, I made a short-term move into tender and CV writing for major infrastructure projects.

And now?

Since then, I've married persuasive copywriting and storytelling to my strategic marketing skills and specialised as a freelance story-based copywriter and content creator for brands and SMEs.

National brands like RedBalloon and Kennards Hire have worked with me to transform meaningless brand messages, into content and stories centred on their culture, customers and core values.

You can find out more about me by visiting my award winning copywriting, content creation and message making service, WORD SWORDS. There, you'll also see who hires me, what I'm like to work with, more kind words and you can read my work either on Contently or my website.

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