Posted By Di

“Di is an extremely talented marketer and copywriter. I have worked closely alongside her for more than five years now in a variety of contexts and am always impressed by her understanding of what makes specific demographics tick, and her prowess with words. Her additional experience with producing content for web also makes her exceptionally valuable for online projects. She has an exceptional understanding of writing for web audiences whilst applying SEO principles.
Her background in *real* marketing and copywriting means that unlike most web “copywriters” her work is full of substance and tailored for your audience, rather than fluffy ‘tricks’ that rarely add true value.
I would recommend her in a heartbeat to give your product or brand that extraordinary “something” required to stick out and grab your customers’ attention even in the most saturated markets. Genius!”
Adam Benson – Director – Arcanum Logic
Past projects: Branding consultation, tagline, web copywriting, copy editing,