Posted By Di

“After reading the first few sentences of this website, I knew that Di was the person I needed to take my tech start-up to the next level, and I worked with her before we launched. My start-up offers a new product and a different way of working. I was looking for someone to not only write content for my brand but to create content that really connects with our potential customers. And more importantly, it was content that we needed to be able to reuse across different comms.
The results were nothing short of jaw-dropping.
In our first 7 days of launch in early July, we signed on almost 2000 new customers, using only one image and the words she so effortlessly put together in our social media campaigns — a testament to her undeniable talent. Imagine that: just a couple of sentences can deliver such big results. Amazing.
To add to this her writing caught the attention of two founders of very successful start-ups, who I personally know. They’ll be working with her in future projects as their start-ups grow.
Di doesn’t just write words, she wields them. She understands that the right words written in the right way can inspire, change minds, engage and captivate people. And above all her writing truly does “create experiences with your brand, told through meaningful stories that leave a mark” as her website says. Di’s work goes beyond content. She gets you to really think about your brand, which in turn makes you delve deeply into what you’re about, your values, the problems you’re trying to solve and your mission.
I’m also a technical writer by trade. But given all my technical and documentation skills I must humbly admit that I envy the talent she possesses.
As a Founder I couldn’t be happier with her work. She gets it. She responds quickly to emails. And she delivers on time and within budget. Pricey? Not to me. Worth it? Totally.
To this day we still continue to work with her on building our brand, telling our story in a unique way, one word at a time.”
~ Aiver Ilaya – Founder, Doctrail
Past Projects: Web copywriting, social media update copy, editing